Hogan Preparatory Academy Elementary School Home

Mission statement

Hogan Preparatory Academy is a premier college prep district developing educated, compassionate, self-motivated leaders who prepare for life-long career options and give back to their community.
Hogan accepts all eligible students regardless of their academic ability and commits to preparing those students for college.

News & Announcements

Temporary Elementary School Office Location at the Hogan Preparatory Academy District Office

The Elementary School Office will temporarily be located at the Hogan Preparatory Academy District Office while the new elementary school location is under construction (District Office: 5809 Michigan Ave, Kansas City, MO, 64130). The new elementary school building location will be open starting Friday, August 2, 2019 (New Elementary School: 2803 E 51st St, Kansas City, MO, 64130).


  • 100%attendance Elementary Parent Teacher Conferences 2016-2018
  • 2018Boys’ Basketball State Champs
  • 7M+ in scholarships for 2018 Senior Class
  • 12% increase Middle School ELA scores in 2018
  • 2 point increase in average High School ACT scores in 2018